What Should I Feed My Pet?

What should I feed my pet?

By Dr. Debby Roberts

Choosing the right diet for your pet can become a complicated proposition.  There are many good options, but food labels tell only part of the story.  Knowledge of a few basic nutrition principles combined with your own judgment and common sense will get you off to a good start.

A happy pet with a great coat, clear eyes, beautiful teeth, perfect weight, stool, and appetite may be already on the right diet, even if it contains corn and wheat.  However, if your pet’s health needs a little improvement, try a food that is limited in carbohydrates.  Diets too high in starches and sugars can cause weight gain, trigger inflammation, and irritate the immune system.  The average dog should be fed between 25%-40% carbs, whereas cats should be fed a diet that is less than 5% carbs.  The simple change from a dry to quality canned cat food can be the best preventative medicine for your cat.

A conversation during your pet’s annual exam is the perfect time to formulate a good game plan for your pet’s individual nutritional needs.

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