The Importance of Dental Health

The first step in treating periodontal disease requires cleaning the teeth and surrounding tissues. Because your pet will not lie down quietly for a dental cleaning, general anesthesia is required. To prepare anesthesia, your veterinarian will do a thorough examination of your pet, perform blood work and discuss the procedure with you. Your pet will be monitored closely throughout the entire procedure: your pet’s safety is our primary concern.  Your veterinarian will discuss with you any other procedures that may need to be performed.

Healthy periodontal tissue is free of infection, inflammation and odor. Keeping the mouth healthy requires a combination of:

  • Developing a home dental care plan that works for you and your pet
  • Annual to bi-annual examinations by your veterinarian to evaluate the home dental care plan
  • Annual professional teeth cleaning. Some breeds (e.g. small breeds) may require more frequent cleanings. Daily brushing with pet toothpaste (do not use toothpaste made for people)
  • Dental formulated diets, water additives and dental chews

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